Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thing 2: Extensions and Apps for Chrome

My goal for finding apps and extension was to find some that would help me with planning and documentation. I will first talk about my extentions that I have chosen!

Extension 1: Twitter Button

  •      I thoroughly enjoy this button. It is easy for me to tweet at my computer without having to pull up a website. I can also check on what other people have been tweeting. We tweet a lot with the children help reflect and share about our learning. The parents love being able to see the different parts of our day through twitter. I would recommend this extension because it is easy to update your account without having to do too much work of switching browsers or tabs. 

Extension 2: Pinterest Button
  • My classroom and Preschool has a lot of different set-ups to help enrich and develop the whole child. One resource that we use to find ideas for different areas of the classroom is Pinterest. I downloaded the Pinterest button so it allows me to to pin ideas and resources from many different websites. Before, we would just search the actual Pinterest site. Now, I can pin and collect resources in one location from all over the web. If you are a pinner, I would definitely download this extension! 
Extension 3: Save to Pocket
  • Save to Pocket allows you to store websites or articles for a later date. This is nice because there are a lot of professional development articles that I would love to read but do not have time read at that moment. I have started saving articles but have yet to go back and read them. That is my next goal! 
I will now reflect on the apps that I have downloaded.

App 1: Pixlr Touch Up
  • This app allows you to edit photographs that are on your computer or in your google drive. Most photographs that I use for documentation are not edited. If they are, most of it is just cropping the photograph. I do not think I will use this for work but I do think I will edit my own personal photographs. It is easy to navigate around the app. 
App 2: Workflowy
  • I like this workflowy because it helps me create my endless lists. One way I stay organized is to create to do lists for work and home. I try to have different lists for different areas of life. This seems like a good system so I can keep all of my lists in one area. If you are a list person, I would say give this app a try! 
App 3: Meegenius
  • Meegenius allows you to download and view books. In general, this seems like a good app but unfortunately you have to pay for it. If I was a parent, I would consider this app but as a teacher at ISM I won't be keeping it and will delete it. We have Tumble Books which is a similar site. 

ES Division: I added a comment to Star's introduction! 

HS Division: I commented on Rachel's blog post about apps and extensions! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I enjoyed VoiceThread because it allowed me to take photographs from documentation and create a document that allows parents to listen and look at what we have been doing in the classroom. A lot of parents are busy people and often do not take time to read long blog posts about our week. I think providing short slideshows with comments (voice and typed) will give them more information about our classroom.

I hope to use this for my school blog and I hope to experiment with my students and allow them to try out the program. I think it is a great way to get them to share about something they know and care about! Also, I might start using this for my personal blog! I think it is a great way to share photographs from all of the adventures I go on!

Monday, February 24, 2014


My name is Randee Dewey and I am a Preschool teacher at ISM. I have 20 students in my class and the age range is 3-5 years old. This is my first year at ISM.

I use many forms of technology in my educational practice. I document my students' learning using cameras, voice recorders, iPads, computer and many different software programs. My students also use the iPad to play educational games, practice writing and drawing, and document their own learning. I enjoy creating visual documents for the students, parents and teachers to read and reflect. There are many ways document a student's learning. I am hoping to become more proficient with the different forms of technology.

My favorite place in the Philippines has been Coron Island. I enjoyed the quiet resort and snorkeling that was near by!